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    Sellers:  Sell Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar!

    We make it faster than you can imagine. But, take these personal tips:

    Save your time and hassle by skipping the high-price shenanigans. Consider the depreciating factor of some goods to avoid exaggerated prices that scare away buyers. When you make the deal good, agents and buyers will move quickly and there you are.

    Improve your home but do not overdo it. New fixtures, plant flowers, add new sod and do the repainting. In addition, do the repairs because your home has to look up to the current market conditions and the trending style.

    Re-arrange your rooms to look attractive. Do away with excess furniture and make sure all your rooms have a purpose. The pets and their paraphernalia should also be away. Some people are uncomfortable around pets and remember, clean environments are always appealing to the eye.

    Make the prospective buyers visualize they live in that environment (depersonalize) by working along the set standards of real estate. Do away with religious items and other personal things like family photos.

    Enhance flexibility for more people to visit by not specifying the time of visit. Prospective buyers should freely look into private areas like the bedroom closets without guilt. Let your client work with the buyer, stay away.

    Finally, we can do the home listing even as you use your facebook and twitter accounts to advertise- two hands are better than one- just to make sure your listings are all on the major online portals. Ensure you have lots of good photos including the once from the neighbourhood since you should market the lifestyle not only the home. It attracts more buyers.

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